Teatro del Sale Firenze

The trouble with turbans.

There is a Tuscan expression in Italian “to make someone a coat”. From what I understand (and Italians, please correct me if I’m wrong), it means to bitch about them so fully that you make them a new outfit: stitch them up good and proper.

I was in Teatro del Sale a few nights ago, with my man and some of his friends, when Elisa leaned across the table and said to me, “Did he just tell you not to eat anymore?!”
“No,” I said, puzzled. The truth was my man had asked me was that all I was eating. She laughed when I told her: “That’s good, otherwise, I would probably have made him a new coat!” She continued laughing at this and it was some time before I realized that she wasn’t actually going to make him a coat. I was relieved given our tiny wardrobe, and even though it sounded strange, nothing is out of the question with Italians.

Plus, you know, she as wearing a turban.


© M. E. Walsh

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