Mundy E. Walsh

With or without the crust? That is the question.

My man and I were eating veggie burgers when he asked,
“Why didn’t you get the other ones, with the crust?”
“Because I wanted to try these out,” I say.
“But the crusty ones are nicer, why change?”

I looked at my musician love and wondered, not for the first time, how someone, a jazz and blues musician, could be so adverse to change. I had begun to notice this recently—his love of routine, reluctance to veer from the tried and tested. On a holiday to Tuscania he wanted to go to the restaurant we’d been in two years before and order the same dish he’d ordered then.

The only time this doesn’t apply is where music is concerned. Or more specifically: contemporary. When I suggest that this music might sound like the musicians are playing the first note that comes into their head, I am a person ‘without the right musical education’ and so I can’t understand its complexity.
That told me.

But I digress. After considering why I would risk trying a new flavour of burger, I pointed to the other burger on his plate and said, “Because you already have one with a crust.”


© M. E. Walsh

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