Welcome to my site. I’m an Irish writer, editor and artistic director living between Florence and Sarteano in Italy. I like to write long and short fiction, and have conversations with authors, artists, and people who work in creative fields about how they use their creativity to create and live a fuller life.

In fact, I’ve done a series of interviews about it, which you’ll find on the Creativity & Writing page. Perhaps reading about their processes will get your creative juices flowing? I hope so.

You can also find me on Instagram @notionreel.


Crossing Borders and Boundaries – with more people on the move than ever before, Kamin Mohammadi and Katja Meier will chat with David Orr on the 6th June at 6pm about the great issue of our times, migration, and the nuances and differences between being an ‘expat’, an ‘émigré’, an ‘immigrant’ and ‘refugee’. What do these different terms mean and how do they affect our lived experience?


They will also do a workshop called Structure Your Memoir on the 8th June 10am-1pm. Everyone has a story to tell but how do you actually go about turning that into a book that will speak to a general readership? How do you judge if your story has mass appeal? How do you decide what part of your life to write about? Kamin and Katja will help you navigate these problems and more.

For more information about Florence Writers, see the Facebook page. To reserve your place at the workshop, contact write@stmarksitaly.com.