Welcome to my site. I’m an Irish writer, editor and arts administrator based in Ireland and Italy. 

I like to have conversations with authors, artists, and people who work in creative fields about creativity to discover their common traits and what, if anything, is different. I’d also like to discover what creative practices could be used by people who don’t consider themselves artists or creative in the traditional sense and how creative thinking is fundamental to growth and creation in all aspects of life.

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Creativity in the time of Corona

I hope you are keeping well and safe, and, of course, yourself to yourself.

The first nterview in the creativity series this month is with Sarah Halliwell, Beauty Editor of The Gloss Magazine:

“I find perfumers particularly interesting and have been lucky enough to meet several, from Jean-Claude Ellena, the genius ex-Hermès perfumer, to Olivier Polge at Chanel. It’s like meeting an artist or composer – I never get tired of hearing them talk about ingredients, stories and different approaches to creating unforgettable scents.

You can read the full interview here.

The second interview is with poet, story writer and novelist Fred Johnson:

‘If we are wise as writers and artists, we will look back on this time and think. If we are done with thinking, as many have been in history once a plague has passed, then it’s all irrelevant anyway. Bring on the next plague, the next illegal annexation, the next atrocity. This is not a thinking age. Our iPods and various similar devices have taken care of thinking. A teenager may kill for a pair of expensive runners. But when was the last time a teenager killed someone for a copy of ‘War and Peace?’’

You can read the full interview here.

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I hope too that creativity is still surviving in your life. I’m trying to find inspiration in my now very small world (easier said than done!) but isn’t it usually with constraints that creativity blooms?